On 30-31st May – 1st June, 2014, International three days Equestrian Eventing “J. Butkus Cup” 2014 took place in Aukštupys, Jašiūnai, Šalčininkai region. French – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce welcomed its members and friends gathered for J. Butkus Cup” 2014 and Friendly dinner on Saturday evening.

The event aimed to pay tribute for coach Jonas Butkus (1938 – 2009) who imprinted the history of Lithuanian riding by his notable traces. J. Butkus was strong in equestrian triathlon and successfully defended the honor of Lithuania. As coach, he revealed the best of himself in preparing young athletes, dedicatedly coaching the highest level equestrian triathlon professionals as well.

Equestrian Eventing competition was an excellent occasion to meet in informal atmosphere in the fresh air not far from Vilnius, attending the event with a spouse, all family or colleagues. J. Butkus Cup surprised by talented and professional riders from Lithuania and other countries.

It is the one equestrian sport that covers every aspect of horsemanship: the harmony between horse and rider that characterizes Dressage; the contact with nature, stamina and extensive experience essential for the Cross Country; the precision, agility and technique involved in Jumping.

After tough competition all participants and organizers of the “J. Butkus Cup” 2014 as well as CCFL members and friends could enjoy a Friendly dinner.

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