June was the month of the French Gastronomy, rich with culinary events as never. French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is pleased that the members of the chamber took a great part in this exceptional occasion and joined the program co-organized by the French Institute.

CCFL would like to express sincere thanks to all the members who participated as partners and all those who attended the events:

Juozas Kabašinskas and Cognac Boutique, for presenting his exhibition about cognac; Gastronomika and Balzac for hosting two authoritative chefs Thierry Dapvril and Philippe Hourdequin from France that gave opportunity to discover French cuisine; Café de Paris that together with ČIOP ČIOP organized the ateliers in order to explore French dishes and wines from various regions; Vyno Klubas for organizing an Art de vivre à la française evening with special movie watching and dinner; Bordo Vynas for the wine feast; Novotel, IDW Esperanza Resort and Radisson Blu Astorija restaurant Verres en verre for presenting French dishes in their special menus for this occasion.

These kind of events contribute to spreading of the French culture and improving the knowledge about it. Vive la France, vive la gastronomie française!