On Thursday, 21st of February, the CCFL organised a Business Breakfast with Nicolas Fogola, CEO of Decathlon Lietuva, who also took us for a visit of the first shop of French sports goods DECATHLON in the Baltic states, located in Vilnius !

This meeting was a great opportunity to discover the way this successful company works. Nicolas nicely explained to us the essence of Decathlon, and the answers of the brand to the upcoming challenges throughout innovations. Indeed in Decathlon, progresses are made in the production line, with for instance the RFID label, as well as  in the final products, just like the “easy breath” snorkel, a flaship product these last years.

Thus, the main goal of Decathlon is to provide for each sport, a specific, affordable and efficient product range.

Finally, this Business Breakfast was a good way to understand how and why this company is so prosperous, becoming nowadays one of the worldwide leader in sports’ retail

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