On April 30th we had a pleasure to talk with Ms Elena Leontjeva, the President of Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lietuvos Laisvosios Rinkos Institutas). The main issue discussed were the problems that business have when faced the government’s regulatory institutions.

Thank you to the President of the institute for your time. Thank you to Arūnas Starkus for the discussion moderation. Of course, thanks to our guests for active participation and for voicing your concerns!

For those, who were unable to attend, we offer to watch the meeting recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/FY-L4VPg5UiztEBz5xVVW5a6FqMeDGL2-FqHhwoVZIPFb5LK0d2Fx1j3BC_nGZEq.-HCDLM5XROs0qpS7

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