Starting from October 19, DPD Lietuva will be using electric cars for the parcels deliveries for Vilnius residents and business customers. The company has invested about 2 million euros in clean vehicles and the necessary infrastructure. 

This decision of the company will result in a reduction of 270 tons of CO2 in the environment every year due to the company’s activities.According to Robertas Vilkaitis, General Manager of DPD Lietuva, the parcel delivery company clearly understands that as one of the leaders in the sector, the company leaves behind a trace of greenhouse gases that promote climate change.

Therefore, on a group-wide basis, we are committed until 2025 to reduce CO2 emissions per shipment by 30%, and at the national level we are committed to delivering shipments in an environmentally friendly manner. The decision to invest in the renewal of the car fleet is another way to achieve the set goals and ensure a cleaner future for Lithuania, ”says the company’s CEO.
Since 2012, DPD Group’s presentation is CO2-neutral across Europe, with the group regularly funding projects to help offset carbon emissions elsewhere. According to R. Vilkaitis, investment in electric cars is an action that will bring real benefits to the Lithuanian population.

Congratulations for this !

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