Taste the energy of springtime with SIP SAP organic birch water

Birch water has been known and valued for centuries, yet it’s SIP SAP that brought it back to our modern lives.
Organic 100% natural birch water is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and unique amino acids making it not only delicious, but also simply good for you.

If you fancy meeting and trying SIP SAP face-to-face, make sure to check Marmaluzi shop in Paupys district (Aukštaičių g. 7) where all CCI FR-LT members can benefit from 20% on all SIP SAP & Marmaluzi products all year round.

If you want to taste the products and meet the Sip Sap team, they will participate in several exhibitions including the WorldFood event in Ukraine on November 2 and 4.

SIP SAP – sip on the power of spring !