On 21 and 22 October, the Transporto Inovaciju Asociacija organised the Transport Innovation Forum, which theme was “transport and logistics 2050”.

The association, which was founded three years ago, aims to promote the digitalisation of logistics, the simplification of customs procedures, IT solutions and to make transport more efficient. It brings together companies from the transport, logistics and technology sectors, public authorities and other associations, as well as cross-border partners.

The forum was dedicated to the changes of the next 30 years for the companies of the sector. Among other things, discussions on climate change were held. It is one of the biggest forums in the Baltic States, as shown by the large participation, including in last year’s digital format.¬† First, political, economic, and technological trends in the transport and logistics sector were discussed. Then, there were discussions about innovation policies and questions about the development of the start-up ecosystem. The main aim of the forum is to bring together public authorities, scientific organizations, official and unofficial organizations, etc. to be the essential platform for exchanging information between players in the sector on future changes, such as the green course, the digital transformation, the breakthrough innovations.

Holding the forum in Lithuania makes sense: the country leads the European Union in terms of the importance of transport and logistics for the economy . Lithuania is the leader in international road transport. But the challenge for the country is to adapt to future challenges, especially in relation to digitalisation and technological development.

Several personalities participated in the forum such as Maja Bakran Marcich , Deputy Director General of the Mobility and Transport Department of the European Commission, Virginijus Sinkevińćius , Commissioner of the European Commission and Marius Skuodis , Minister of Communications and Transport of the Republic of Lithuania.

Our Vice President, Anthony Poullain, participated in the forum and presented his company Cargo Stream. The focus of his presentation was on communication and supply chain management. Also, our Board Member and lawyer at Ellex, Dovile Greblikienńó presented the legal and practical aspects of the implementation of the eFTI Regulation in Lithuania.

Anthony presenting Cargo Stream at the forum.

Dovile presenting the implementation of the eFTI reglementation in Lithuania for both legal and practical aspects.

Cargo Stream offers comprehensive end-to-end solution, managing the whole logistics chain in one place (for land transportation by trucks). Cargo sender books transportation from their partners. Logistics companies can easily manage transportation. Order management. Communication. Real-time notifications and tracking.

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