Between the challenge of getting out of the crisis and the ecological challenge that is looming, Emmanuel Macron unveiled on 12 October the investment plan for the next 10 years.
10 objectives are set in various important French sectors. Among others: aeronautics, industry, automotive,… and for which Mr Macron wants to decarbonise.

In total, it is 30 billion euros over five years, of which 3 to 4 billion euros will be spent from 2022.
The plan allocates different amounts to different sectors. The energy sector will receive the most, with €8 billion, with three main objectives including decarbonising French industry by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 35% compared to 2015. It is also the most important sector in France.
The seabed and space will also be covered by this investment plan, as will the health, food, cultural and transport sectors.

The plan has been developed with Europe, with the aim of rebuilding a modern and sustainable industry. Numerous major projects have been mentioned in this plan: the creation of innovative small nuclear reactors, improving nuclear waste management, two gigafactories for electrolyzers, producing the first low-carbon aircraft, etc.