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January 20, 2022

French students learn how to use Cargo Stream SaaS

Cargo Stream, the one-stop platform to address, check review and amend your transports, started to be taught as a module of e-logistics at ISCID-Co Dunkirk. 
2 sessions of 2 days each to get to know about the SaaS technology, making it easier for all staff involved in the supply chain. 
Due to the pandemic, the tuition is made remotely and students get the opportunity to try the sandbox version of Cargo Stream. 
Cargo Stream is a comprehensive online platform used by some major players in Eastern Europe, which recently signed agreements with 2 of the 5 largest shipping lines worldwide to implement the possibility to see in real time where their containers are. 

| Cargo Stream

Cargo Stream offers comprehensive end-to-end solution, managing the whole logistics chain in one place (for land transportation by trucks). Cargo sender books transportation from their partners. Logistics companies can easily manage transportation. Order management. Communication. Real-time notifications and tracking.


ISCID-CO is an international business school in Dunkirk.

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