Member News | Chambers Europe Awards 2022 shortlists Ellex as Baltic law firm of the year

February 25, 2022

Chambers Europe Awards 2022 shortlists Ellex as Baltic law firm of the year

Ellex is delighted to be shortlisted as the Baltic law firm of the year by Chambers Europe Awards.

This nomination is the result of an extensive and objective research conducted by a dedicated team of over 200 Chambers & Partners analysts.

“This nomination confirms being at the pinnacle of our profession and it strongly motivates us to ensure consistent client satisfaction.”

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| Ellex Valiūnas

Ellex Valiunas, a member of Ellex, a circle of leading Baltic law firms, is the largest specialised legal team in Lithuania, with a solid portfolio of cross-border experience both in international projects and landmark local deals in the region, since its formation in 1992.

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