Member News | #BeautyIsYou Event, by Hotel Pacai

March 8, 2022

Our Patron Member Hotel Pacai is organizing an #BeautyIsYou Event.

“Together with dietitian Dr. Dalia VaitkeviciutĂ© we will explore the crucial link between overall wellness, food and our skin, as skin health starts from within. We will hear how our gut and

skin health are related and how food affects our energy and everyday life.

Everyone who has purchased a ticket to this event awaits a goody bag with “Biologique Recherche” products, facial diagnostics with a “Skin Instant Lab” device, consultation with a dietitian and others.

All event attendees will have a chance to sample PACAI SPA Wellness Menu, “‘NoAge” supplements and “Acala”‘ kombucha”.”


Ticket price: 75 eur.


The event will take place

  • On Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 6:00pm
  • Hotel Pacai, DidĹľioji g. 7, Vilnius 01128

For reservations:

  • Spaces are limited, if you would like to book a ticket please call on +370 5 250 8076 or e-mail

| Hotel Pacai

Hotel PACAI perfectly echoes this quarter’s 17th-century Baroque grandeur, yet augments it with a contemporary twist. Famous for being the most magnificent mansion in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

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