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March 22, 2022

On March 18th, the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Šeimos Kredito Unija organized a Business Breakfast on Overall Business Financing Alternatives.


Taurimas Valys, international banker, Vilnius city councilman, and associate professor at Vilnius University Business School, led an interactive session on the different financing opportunities at any stage of a company’s maturity, from start-up to large company.


  • The first part of the presentation focused on the different means of financing for each stage of a company’s life, going from financial engineering instruments (backed by governments) to business angels through venture capitalists, crowdfunding, private equity fund,s or loans…
  • In a second part, Taurimas illustrated these different alternatives through his company Šeimos Kredito Unija.
The presentation was followed by a networking session among the participants and the teaser of the next event with Taurimas about the Public-Private Partnership. More info to come…

Pictures of the event

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