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March 31, 2022



Consultancy services

Vilnius, Lithuania

Praugas offers various consulting services focusing on several points:
- Manufacturing improvements LEAN practice / SMED learning by doing - 30% to 90% decrease of equipment change-over time / 5S make a better and safer workplace, 1st results in one day / Workflow with value stream mapping - workshop layout (re)design / Stock improvement data analyses, MRP, kanban, ) / Process expertise focusing on added value and eliminate hidden waste, bottleneck, etc. / Quality and productivity analysis and solutions / Continuous improvement deployment (Kaizen, 5 why,...). - Industrialization and investments Master-plan design of new plant or workshop (or adaptation of existing) / Prepare decision investment vs. improvement options / Purchasing and technical specifications / Market tender, negotiation, contracting - Business Sales development to French speaking countries / Purchasing strategy and process (how to buy better) /ERP deployment and optimization

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