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May 25, 2022

What are the objectives of the grade 9/10 internship?

The grade 9 or 10 internship is an opportunity to discover the world of work, to share the daily life of professionals and to benefit from concrete experience. It is also an opportunity for students to gain autonomy, to gain confidence in a new environment and possibly to confirm a career plan.


The aim of the work placement is therefore not so much to enable pupils to confirm or invalidate a career choice as to enrich their general culture as citizens by helping them discover

  • the economic and professional world in all its diversity
  • an environment that is very different from the school environment, with a high degree of autonomy
  • the concrete realities of work, deconstructing certain prejudices – the skills and attitudes necessary for certain professions


Pupils and their families must be actively involved in the search for and choice of work placement locations. The teaching staff listen to them to enable the pupils to give meaning to this time of observation of the professional world.


At the end of their placement, pupils must report on what they experienced during this time and explain what they gained from it.

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