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September 6, 2022

   🇫🇷 🤝 🇱🇹 🔗 🇯🇵 | Eksporto Klubas 2nd edition by the French Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL)

🗓 On the 2nd of September 2022, the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) organized the second event of its export club with a focus on Japan. As Lithuanian companies face the loss of several markets over the past months, the CCFL brings international experts to Lithuania to present and provide key information and connections to develop their exports to countries they may not have thought of.


We are thankful to  Institut français de Lituanie | Prancūzų institutas Lietuvoje, for hosting this club, as well as for the companies involved making it a success.

We have been honored to have H.E Ozaki Tetsu, Ambassador of Japan 🇯🇵 to Lithuania  🇱🇹 giving words of Welcome.


Pierre Tuvi, French-Japanese national, CEO of SyVision, and JETRO SME Overseas Expansion Platform/Coordinator gave us insights on how to succeed in Japan and explain the cultural gaps we wouldn’t have thought of.  Pierre Tuvi shared with us a compendium of key insights to maximize the success of your trade missions in the country of the rising sun. 


Our 🇱🇹 contributor, Super Garden” represented by Rokas Jašinskas, Head of Business Development shared his experience and told the story of their success in Japan, which took two years to happen from the first meeting to the first sale.


Our 🇱🇹 member, OBI-Consulting, represented by Hugo Tortosa, shared a detailed presentation of Japan and of its risks overview.

  • Public Corruption: very low risk by global standards
  • Private corruption and white-collar crimes: higher risks
  • Environment, social and health risk: low ESG risks

🙏Thanks to all the the speakers and all the people who attended.


As the 3rd biggest economy in the world, Japan remains a huge potential market for Lithuanian companies with a simple message, trust and business relations take time.

Pictures of the event

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