Chamber News | Our business community supported the Lithuanian team at the world championship for women’s and men’s amateur golf in France

September 7, 2022

Our business community supported the Lithuanian team at the world championship for women's and men's amateur golf in France

Last Saturday was the las day of The Espirito Santo Trophy, the world championship for women’s and men’s amateur golf teams, that took place from 22 August to 3 September in France. The tournaments took place in the famous Le Golf National and Golf-de-Saint-Nom-la-Breteche courses.  It is worth mentioning that Le Golf National will be hosting the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
We are proud that this year the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce has contributed to the team’s preparations.
Lithuanian teams were represented by:
Women’s team players:
 Gilė Bitė Starkutė
Saulė Jarašūnaitė
Miglė Rusteikaitė
Captain Arūnas Starkus
Men’s team players:
Giedrius Mackelis
Deivydas Ražinskas
Paulius Malcius
Captain Gediminas Mackelis
Both teams are coached by Finnish coach Ari Salvolainen
This is not the first time that Lithuanians have participated in a championship of this level, however this time we had complete teams and Lithuania was represented maximum. Lithuanian golf is still a young sport, barely more than a decade old. However, we are already seeing great young players training hard and able and willing to represent our country in the world. It is true that for golf to be able to develop its own athletes, there is still a lot of work to be done, not only by the athletes themselves, but also by the organizations that could  contribute to the development of the sport. And that requires the trust in the idea that golf is the sport that can send representatives of its country to the Olympic Games, because golf is an Olympic sport.
The Lithuanian Golf Federation is grateful to all the sponsors who helped these teams to go to the World Championships and gain experience in team competitions and individual events. This year,
the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, stylist Kęstas Rimdžius, Cargo Stream, Sip Sap, Wine Club, Golfcity took an active initiative.
2022 World Championship achievements:
Women’s team: 56 teams participated, 168 women in the individual competition.
Team Lithuania finished 51st. The best team promise was Gilė Bitė Starkutė in 39th place. She is currently ranked 263rd in the WAGR World Ranking.
Men’s team : 71 teams participated, 213 men in the individual competition
The Lithuanian men’s team was ranked 48th, with Giedrius Mackelis, the team’s top scorer, in 119th place.
We thank the athletes and those who supported them and wish them success and new achievements in the future.

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