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September 25, 2022

"Human is the weakest and the strongest link in cybersecurity"

On the 23rd of September 2022, the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) in collaboration with Lithuanian Maritime Academy organized a seminar on the topic of  “Maritime Cybersecurity: real needs or prospective innovations?”. The world is becoming more digitalized than ever and the topic of cybersecurity is important like never before.

More than 70 attendees have been able to get practical insights on cybersecurity, its evolution and the application on the maritime sector. The seminar was paired with an overview of the topic link to practical examples from specialists on the ground.

  • Global issues of Cybersecurity:  As globalization has become the norm, threats have increased. Cyber threats aren’t new ones but the digital transformation of companies accelerated by the pandemic increased the need to be secure and protected in cyberspace. Failing this assignment will paralyze the company if not worse. “Notpetya” with shipping company Maersk is a great example. Hackers aren’t in most cases lone wolves but structured organizations and states have well understood the interest to have theirs.
  • Cybersecurity issues: Human factors the core of the risks: the human is the weakest and the strongest link when it comes to cybersecurity. Most of the attackers aren’t top-level in coding but mostly in social engineering. By tracking your online footprint both personal and professional they will have all the necessary information to be deceitful and use techniques such as the ghost customer or the fake president scams techniques to enter your system or steal from you.
  • Maritime Cybersecurity Challenges: The future of the maritime sector will be the same as the future of cars: self-driving or remote driving. The cyber risks here don’t need more light. The autonomous and remote driving ships are closer than you think.
  • Harm and effect of cyber-attacks on the shipping industry and the end customers: as we see inflation rising, one can wonder how cybersecurity might have an impact on it. Supply chain, logistics and transport are more than ever the essential links to provide us with the merchandise. If one of those companies is under attack and some of their activities paralyzed, the cost of transportation will increase, therefore products for the end customers will increase too. 
  • Logistics digitalization & cybersecurity needs: with the increase in logistics flows, tracking, and the development of e-CMR that become the new standards. The question of cybersecurity to avoid disrupting the chain is for the tierce part that will be trustful. Some alternatives are offering it such as SaaS Cargo Stream.

Special thanks to our speakers, all members of the Chamber, who made the event great and informative:

  • Éric Vernier – Dean at ISCID-CO Dunkirk
  • Antonin Papoz – CI Analyst at OBI-Consulting
  • François Soulet de Brugière – Member of the Supervisory Council of Great Harbor of Dunkirk
  • Saulius Kazakevičius – General Manager at CMA-CGM
  • Anthony Poullain – President at Cargo Stream France


The event was sponsored by Cargo Stream, a SaaS to make your supply chain efficient.


Thanks to all our members, partners and friends who attended!


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