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October 17, 2022

EFE International Supporting French Entrepreneurs Abroad

The CCFL participated to French webinar “EFE INTERNATIONAL” organized by in partnership with EFE International on the topic: Supporting French entrepreneurs abroad on October 13th.


EFE International is a structure co-founded by the National Committee of French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCEF) and the CCIFI in order to support as effectively as possible the French Entrepreneurs Abroad (EFE), in particular by ensuring the portage of International Volunteers (VIE) in companies or by providing financing solutions.


The main topic discussed was recruiting young French talent.

Thanks to EFE International, you can now strengthen your team by recruiting qualified human resources through the V.I.E. formula.


Are you a French company abroad?
This offer is intended for companies meeting the following criteria:

  • You are a French company abroad ?
  • You have created and/or run a company in your country of residence.
  • Your activity contributes to the French economy.
  • You contribute to the development of France’s foreign trade.
  • You represent, import or distribute French products or services.
  • You promote France and French know-how in your country of residence.
  • You recommend the use of French products or know-how in your professional activity.

EFE International’s mission
EFE International advises and accompanies you through all the steps involved in setting up a V.I.E. contract:

  • Management, support and administrative follow-up of your V.I.E in accordance with Business France.
  • Assistance in the selection of your future V.I.E.
  • Management of financial compensation.
  • Follow-up of your V.I.E’s mission and activity report.

To evaluate your eligibility for the V.I.E. program:

  • Contact your local French Chamber of Commerce or the local committee of French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE).
  • Put together your eligibility file and submit your application to your local committee, which will analyze your application.
  • If your application is accepted, you will obtain the “EFE Label” which will give you access to the V.I.E. program.

Condition of access

Once the “EFE Label” has been obtained, a strategic committee will study your profile and authorize you to enter the capital of EFE International SAS.
This mechanism creates a legal link between EFE and France and allows you to access new services that were previously inaccessible.
Once you have joined EFE International, you will be able to submit your V.I.E. application through EFE International in Paris.

It is therefore a real facilitation tool to support the businesses of French people abroad.

More info about E.F.E. 

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