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November 11, 2022


Elinta Charge

Electronics & Electricals, Environment, Manufacturing

Kaunas, Lithuania

Since 2012 Elinta Charge have been producing premium, high quality, and technologically advanced AC charging stations for electric vehicles. Our charging stations have all the latest functionalities observed in the market. Durability is the key idea guiding us in developing our charging stations. We believe that the future is electric, sustainable and clean. Our mission is to help cities go electric, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Elinta Charge design-driven EV charging system blends-in and enhances the local architecture. We achieved an ambitious goal by combining design with seamless functionality, which has been noticed on an international scene. Our CityCharge V2 public charging station won the prestigious Red Dot award for Product Design in 2018. Our charging stations are built to last, strong and tough, made from the highest quality anodized extruded aluminum. Today, after more than a decade of perfecting the product, we have already succeeded to export our products to more than 30 markets from Iceland to Australia. Lithuania is known for its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. The forests, lakes, and parks inspire us to use cutting-edge tech for a sustainable future. We are proud to be part of the long tradition of skilled Northern European craftsmen. Go electric with Elinta Charge!

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