Patron Member News | Eurovia Lietuva is one of the leaders of Lithuanian construction! 

November 21, 2022

Congratulations to Eurovia Lietuva, leader of the construction sector in Lithuania

Congratulations to our Patron member Eurovia Lietuva and its team, to be nominated in the top10 Lithuania’s construction market and hold the leading position in road building sector!


The list of leaders in the construction sector, published by Verslo žinios, is compiled taking into account such criteria as: revenue, profit before tax, annual change in these two elements, profitability, its proportion per employee, average salary and a number of other factors.

| Eurovia Lietuva

Eurovia Lietuva is one of the oldest road construction companies in Lithuania. The basic principle has not changed during the four decades of operation: to ensure the highest quality of work in each object. For more than a decade, Eurovia Lietuva has also been part of the French capital group, most recently the largest European road construction company, Eurovia. Contacts with French  colleagues have made it possible to strengthen cooperation with customers and partners in many European countries.

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