Member News | Iki awarded “Top Employer 2023 Lietuva”

January 17, 2023

“The “Iki” retail chain has been awarded the most prestigious “Top Employer 2023 Lithuania” certificate. “Iki” earned the best employer rating for taking care of employees in every way – continuous improvement of working conditions, offered benefits, opportunities for career growth and continuously creating a favorable working environment.


According to Nijolńó Kvietkauskaitńó, general director of IKI Lietuva, the priority of the Iki shopping network has always been, is, and will be happy employees, of whom close to 6,000 currently work in the shopping network. Therefore, continuous strengthening of the teamwork atmosphere, provision of real material benefits and opportunities for improvement are an integral part of “Iki” daily activities. […]”

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The “Iki” retail chain currently consists of 237 stores, a culinary production center and 3 regional bakeries. The ever-innovating retail chain, together with Pixevia, has already opened two independent stores under the “Iki” brand in Vilnius. These are the first such stores in Lithuania and the Nordic countries. Almost 6 thousand people work in the company. The retail chain also operates the home delivery startup LastMile and its own brand e-store.

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