Member News | “Iki” renews and gets even closer: new slogan, advertising campaign and visual identity

March 2, 2023

Shopping chain "Iki" will greet this spring with a major facelift - its visual identity is changing, a campaign dedicated to freshness is being launched, and the chain is also introducing a new positioning and a new slogan, "Iki - closer to you"

“In today’s world, brands are much more than just their logos. The best brands are the ones that create value for customers and strongly represent their values and goals. And they are determined to fight. Not for market share, but for the change they want to make in the lives of consumers. “For 30 years, ever since it opened its first store, the Iki brand has been fighting for an easier everyday life for its customers. And we can only do that by being there for them and understanding their needs,” says A. Dudko, the supermarket chain’s marketing manager.

More info about the project:


The first IKI store opened its doors in 1992. Since then, we have been providing a new food and shopping experience – offering a modern food, shopping and service culture. Although a lot has changed and improved since we opened the first online store, the origins and identity of IKI have remained the same: we know what good food is, we understand what Lithuanians want and choose, we carefully and competently select, prepare the best, we provide the freshest food and quality customer service.

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