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March 13, 2023

Vilnius, Lithuania – On March 9, a business delegation from the CCFL (French- Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce) arrived in Alytus for a series of meetings and factory tours. The delegation included executives and representatives from various French businesses as well as board members and team of CCFL interested in exploring trade and investment opportunities in Alytus.

The highlight of the visit was a meeting with the Mayor of Alytus, Nerijus Cesiulis, at the Alytus City Hall. During the meeting, the delegation discussed various topics related to business, investment, economic development and living in Alytus.

After the meeting, the delegation visited three local factories to gain a better understanding of the Lithuanian manufacturing sector. The first stop was Alita, a leading producer of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania part of MV Group. The delegation learned about the company’s production process, product portfolio, and export activities as well as investment plan for the coming years.

Next, the delegation visited GlassLT, a glass processing company that specializes in the production of tempered and laminated glass for various industries. The delegation received a guided tour of the factory and learned about the company’s advanced production technologies.

Finally, the delegation visited Kauno Grūdai, a leading Lithuanian producer of grain products. The delegation learned about the company’s visions and mission, product range, and export activities.

The delegation ended its mission with a visit to the Alytus vocational training centre. There, the delegation was able to meet and discuss with the students as well as explore the different facilities used in their training. The centre shared various international agreements with more than 10 French educational institutions.

Speaking about the visit, the President of the CCFL, Anthony Poullain, said, “I have lived in Lithuania for 16 years. For personal reasons, Alytus was the first Lithuanian city I visited. As President of the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, it is not my intention to focus solely on Vilnius. When I visit France and meet potential investors, I do not want to present business opportunities only in the capital, I want to present all business opportunities in Lithuania to business representatives. Today we have come to find out how we can present Alytus to potential French investors.”


The visit of the business delegation from CCFL to Alytus is a testament of the willingness to grow economic ties between France and Lithuania. The visit is expected to contribute to the further development of trade and investment relations between the two countries.

Thanks to the municipality of Alytus for its welcome and to the representatives of Alita, GlassLT, Kauno Grūdai and Alytus vocational center for their availability in sharing their projects and opening their companies to our delegation.

Contact: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the French- Lithuanian (CCFL)



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