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March 23, 2023

As Devoteam releases the second edition of its TechRadar 🎯, the Cloud Native era is put at the forefront. 🔎

📆 Join Devoteam on April 18th for a roundtable discussion about how to bring business value through Cloud Native. 💡

Amidst the storm of challenges, companies must navigate a path to success.🌤 The cloud thus serves as the lighthouse, guiding the way to streamlined IT infrastructures and acts as a harbour for business innovation and adaptation. But once you’re in the cloud, what comes next?

The creation of more sober, resilient and disruptive models is within reach thanks to the power of the cloud. These are Cloud Native, and many of the 150 technologies presented in this TechRadar 2023 are part of this movement. 🛰


Gartner predicts that by 2025, 95% of all new digital initiatives will be built on cloud native platforms, making it imperative for companies to prepare for this new era where technology and business are more interconnected than ever. 🌐


Don’t let questions and confusion around Cloud Native hold you back. Get the chance to gain valuable insights and knowledge that you can take back to your business.


What you’ll learn:
📈 BOOST YOUR BUSINESS WITH INNOVATION – Go beyond cost-saving measures.
💢 UNLEASH THE POWER OF CLOUD NATIVE – Speed up innovation with Cloud Native development.
🏆 BUILD A ROBUST PLATFORM – Reduce complexity. Grow your ambitions with the best people, processes and technologies.
🔦 DISCOVER UPCOMING TECH TRENDS – A Preview of 150 Emerging Technologies Poised for Enterprise Adoption.

So mark your calendars! Grab your notepads and get ready for an interactive and informative session that will help you thrive in the digital jungle!

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