Member News | Havas survey: Public anxiety about financial situation is decreasing

April 25, 2023

Anxiety about one's financial situation is decreasing (compared to the second wave of the survey, November 2022).

Some of the key trends revealed by the study:

🚩 Lithuanians are rationalising their purchases:
📍50% have simply started buying less of everything
📍59% have started to rationalise their shopping so that they use all the products they buy and don’t throw anything away
📍62% are trying to eliminate/minimise their purchases of non-essentials


🚩 Brand loyalty is declining, with only 35% of Lithuanians continuing to buy the same products (i.e. the same brands) as always. This figure has been declining since the first wave of the survey (after the war in Ukraine), when it reached 43%.


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