Member News | What is the reason for the drop in the number of students taking the French and German exams in Lithuania?

June 22, 2023

🎓 This year, only 23 Terminale students in Lithuania chose to take the national French exam. At the same time, the number of students taking the LIFV has risen steadily in recent years, with up to 75% of them Lithuanians. Is this an indication that French is gaining in popularity, or is it a decisive argument for families to choose LIFV? We invite you to listen to the discussion on the “Ryto allegro” programme on Radio LRT Klasika 🎙️


✔️ French is an integral part of the education provided at our school, but it is only a tool for acquiring general knowledge. Parents choose LIFV for the values of the French education system: openness to the world, a critical mind and the ability to analyse, solid teaching of science and mathematics, and an international education that also allows students to learn their mother tongue, Lithuanian. French offers the opportunity to study at the best universities in Francophone countries, where tuition fees are free.


✔️ All our students learn English from the age of 5 and choose a second language in 6th grade, and a third language (Spanish, Italian, German or Russian) in 2nd grade.

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