Member News | Introducing the New Cargo Stream App on the Apple App Store

August 3, 2023

Cargo Stream is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated arrival of the Cargo Stream app on the Apple App Store! 📱

Their team has been working tirelessly to bring a seamless and innovative solution for all freight management needs. Whether you’re a logistics aficionado or a supply chain professional, the app is designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.


Key Features:
🌐 Global Connectivity: With a user-friendly interface and multilingual support, Cargo Stream bridges the gap between international partners, making communication smoother than ever.
💬 Collaborative Platform: Enhance collaboration with your team and external stakeholders through instant updates, notifications, and shared access to real-time data.
🔗 Real-time Shipment Tracking: Keep a close eye on your shipments from origin to destination, ensuring you’re always in the know about their progress.
📊 Data Analytics: Make informed decisions with the help of in-depth data insights and analytics, enabling you to optimize your supply chain strategies.

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