Member News | 100 Elinta Charge EV charging stations in Corsica

October 10, 2023

By 2030, experts predict that 40% of all #tourism vehicles sold will be #electricvehicles. Leading hotel booking platforms 💻 have already taken notice, offering a specialized filter that allows users to exclusively search for hotels equipped with #chargingstations. What’s become clear is that not many hotels can stay competitive without this feature.


The availability of charging stations presents a variety of payment solutions that are user-friendly and easy to set up!

As the trend of adopting charging stations in hotels 🏩 continues to gain momentum, having one on-site has quickly become a competitive advantage. This appeals to well-off and forward-thinking travelers who might choose a particular hotel simply because it offers electric vehicle charging options 🚗.


In the realm of hospitality 🛍, Elinta Charge has developed a seamless charging experience. Their public charging stations can be equipped with point-of-sale (POS) credit card terminals #POS. Visitors don’t need to hassle with additional software installations, like mobile apps 🤳, to begin charging their electric vehicles. To initiate the charging process, users only need to plug in their cable and swipe their credit card 💳 on the card reader. A predetermined amount is reserved on their credit card account. To end the charging session, they swipe the same card again, and the cable is released. The actual charge amount is then deducted from the reserved amount on their credit card account 💸.]


The flagship model, CityCharge V2, is chosen for its modern design 😍, durability 💪, and diverse payment options 💳, making it an attractive choice for many in the industry.


Here is an example project that combines EV chargers ⚡and POS systems:

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