Member News | Don’t miss the chance to visit French Gourmet Day “Sultys ir Pienas”


May 25, 2023

MiamMiam is organising the first French gastronomy day in Klaipeda, dedicated to natural wines, Breton vineyards and the wide variety of French cheeses

Tasting will take place throughout the day with French producers who have come specially to share good taste in a relaxed
atmosphere. The day will end with a projection of the film Délicieux.


From noon to 6 pm – Natural wine tasting with winemakers Marie Carroget and Nicolas Suteau who use a natural method to produce their grape juice.


You will be given the opportunity to discover more than 20 natural wine vintages from 7 different wineries from the west of France. You will also be able to taste the fine selection of cheeses that accompany these juices perfectly. Jean-Philippe Rougier, who came especially from the Beillevaire cheese dairy, will give you all the information you need about French cheeses! Cheese and wine pairings will be at the heart of the conversations in a warm atmosphere of sharing and gourmet pleasure.

All of this will be enhanced by the pleasure of discovering Sturia caviar, which comes directly from the Aquitaine region, in a convivial atmosphere. French farmers will present their farms and answer your questions via live video conferencing throughout
the day.


You will also discover biodynamic champagne, natural wines from Bordeaux, Anjou and Vendée, and have the opportunity to interact with Jacques Carroget, president of the Syndicat de Défense des Vins Méthode Nature (Union for the Defence of Natural Method Wines).


Kavos Architechtai, our partner, will welcome you with croissants at the entrance and the MiamMiam Crêpes foodtruck will be parked in front of the building to offer food and the oportunity to a enjoy a good time with friends.

At 7 PM the projection of the film Délicieux will end this beautiful day.


Themes covered:

  •  The natural wine method.
  • The Breton vineyards.
  • French cheeses and their diversity.


Partners :
Bretalita, Kavos Architektai, Kultoros fabrika, hôtel Mercure, Institut français


Klaipėdos Kultūros fabrikas, Bangų g. 5A, ( on June 17 th 2023

Date :
17 th June

Tasting room with tables for each producer (cheese – Beillevaire; natural wine method and cooking accessories). Foodtruck in front of the terrace: buckwheat crepes, bread and cheese.


Note about the organiser :
MiamMiam is a French delicatessen located in Klaipeda since 2017 and that also has an online strore:
MiamMiam was founded by Olivier and Rima Criou who select authentic, natural and delicious products!
The couple is inspired by conviviality and the sharing of great food. The wine cellar is deliberately dedicated
to natural wines and Olivier is a member of the Syndicat de Défense des Vins Méthode Nature.

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Member News |Nepraleiskite progos apsilankyti Prancūzijos Gurmanų dienoje: “Sultys ir pienas”


„Sultys ir pienas” – prancūziškos gastronomijos diena, skirta natūraliesiems vynams,
Bretanės regiono vynuogynams ir Prancūzijos sūrių įvairovei

Visą dieną renginyje vyks degustacijos, lengvas ir „skanus” bendravimas su Prancūzijos vyno ir pieno ūkininkais, o pabaigoje – bendra filmo “Gurmanas” peržiūra.

12 iki 18 val.: vynų degustacijos su iš Prancūzijos atvykusiais vyndariais Marie Carroget ir Nicolas Suteau, taikančiais biodinaminės žemdirbystės principus bei natūralios fermentacijos metodus.

Ruošiame daugiau nei 20 skirtingų natūraliųjų vynų rūšių iš 7 Vakarų Prancūzijos vynų ūkių kartu su kruopščiai parinktais sūriais iš Beillevaire sūrinės, kuriuos į Klaipėdą atveža specialiai atvykstantis Jean-Philippe Rougier, galintis papasakoti viską apie prancūziškus sūrius! Sūrio ir vyno skonių akordai skambės pokalbių, malonios aplinkos ir geros draugijos fone – degustacijos salėje su kiekvienam vyno gamintojui skirtu atskiru stalu.

Degustacijų metu bus galimybė bendrauti su Prancūzijos vyno ir pieno ūkių atstovais ir nuotoliu –biodinaminio ir natūralaus Champagne, natūraliųjų vynų iš Bordeaux, Angers, Vendée gamintojais, vištų augintojais ir kitais ūkininkais bei Natūraliojo vyno apsaugos sindikato prezidentą Jacques Carroget, kurie prisijungs per ekraną tiesiogiai iš Prancūzijos, papasakos apie savo veiklą, atsakys į klausimus.
Visos dienos įspūdžius ir skonių džiaugsmą užtvirtinsime Sturia ikrais, kurie atvyks tiesiai iš Akvitanijos (Aquitaine) regiono.

18 val. filmo Germanas peržiūra, į kurią kviečiame kartu su Prancūzų institutu Lietuvoje. Kultūros fabriko kino salėje.

Atvykstančius gurmanus, mūsų draugai „Kavos Architektai“, pasitiks su mini kruasanais ir ypatinga jų kava! Priešais terasą veiks „MiamMiam Crêpes“ maisto vagonėlis, siūlantis pasistiprinti grikių miltų lietiniais crêpes bei skrebučiais su sūriu.

Renginio partneriai:

  • Bretalita
  • Kavos Architektai
  • Kultūros fabrikas
  • viešbutis Mercure
  • Prancūzų institutas Lietuvoje

Renginio laikas ir vieta: Birželio 17 d., šeštadienis, Klaipėdos Kultūros fabrikas, Bangų g. 5A,

Renginio organizatorius:

prancūziško maisto krautuvėlė „MiamMiam” 2017 m. Klaipėdoje duris atvėrusi prancūziškų produktų bakalėja, prekiaujanti internetinėje parduotuvėje adresu
Jos įkūrėjai, Olivier ir Rima Criou, siūlo autentiškus, natūralius ir kokybiškus produktus! Šio šeimos verslo motyvas– bendrystė ir dalinimasis kokybišku, gardžiu maistu. Visas bakalėjos vyno rūsys yra sąmoningai orientuotas į natūraliuosius vynus, o pats Olivier yra Natūraliojo vyno apsaugos sindikato narys.

Įsigykite bilietus!

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France’s attractiveness at its highest in 2022


May 18, 2023

Annual Report on Foreign Investment in France

The “2022 Annual Report on Foreign Investment in France” published on May 11, 2023 by Business France features 1,725 foreign investment projects that have created or maintained 58,810 jobs nationwide. While the number of job-creating investment projects recorded increased by 7% compared with 2021, the increase in the number of jobs created or maintained is historic, up 31% compared with 2021.



These results strengthen France’s attractiveness as an investment location and prove that foreign investors still trust France. This is also evidenced by the “EY France Attractiveness Survey 2023”, also published on May 11, 2023. It mentions that nearly two-thirds of company directors have immediate investment projects in France in 2023; and that for the fourth consecutive year, France has come in first place for foreign investment projects in Europe.

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Member News | 17th Edition of Vyno Dienos


May 18, 2023

World Sommelier Champion at the 17th Vilnius Wine Fair, Vilnius 700 wine and thousands of exhibitors

Lithuanian wine industry – wine makers, producers, experts, sommeliers, gourmets and many people who are familiar with wine culture, gathered on 5-6 May at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre “Litexpo”, where the 17th edition of “Wine
Days”. During the opening ceremony, the world’s best sommelier this year was Raimondas Tomsonas of Latvia and winemaker Marco Niepoortas uncorked the first bottle of wine. This one is decorated with a label commemorating the 700th birthday of Vilnius, designed by illustrator Antanas Dubra.

For 17 years, Wine Days has become Lithuania’s premier event for winemakers. The event has been the main event for winemakers, importers, sommeliers and wine lovers to exchange knowledge, experience, discuss the latest news.

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Member News | Central and Eastern Europe Insolvency study by Coface


May 18, 2023

Surge in Corporate Insolvencies Hits Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) in 2022

Corporate insolvencies in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) witnessed a significant increase in 2022, driven by high energy prices, soaring input costs, prompt interest rate hikes, historic inflation levels, and uncertainty surrounding the war in Ukraine.

While eight countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Serbia, experienced a higher number of insolvencies, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, and Slovenia recorded a decrease. This trend marked a reversal from the decline observed in 2020, with insolvency proceedings accelerating throughout 2021 and 2022.

Understanding these insolvency trends is crucial for policymakers and stakeholders in navigating the challenging economic landscape of the CEE region.

We are inviting to Check CEE Insolvencies study for more insights.

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New Member | COFACE Baltics


May 10, 2023


COFACE Baltics

Financial Services, Insurance

Vilnius, Lithuania

Over 75 years of experience and the most finely meshed international network have made Coface a reference in credit insurance, risk management and the global economy. With the ambition to become the most agile, global trade credit insurance partner in the industry, Coface’s ~4,450 experts work to the beat of the world economy, supporting ~50,000 clients in building successful, growing and dynamic businesses across 100 countries. The Group’s services and solutions protect and help companies take credit decisions to improve their ability to sell on both their domestic and export markets.

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Member News | Visit Mykolė Ganusauskaitė for her solo exhibition in Plungė


May 9, 2023

Mykolé and her solo exhibition in Plungė

M. Oginski palace presents a solo exhibition of landscape paintings “Promenade in the park” by the younger generation painter Mykolė Ganusauskaitė.


  • Promenade in the Park | painting 2022-2023
  • Curator: Raminta Jurėnaitė
  • Date: 2023 05 13 – 2023 07 23
  • Venue: Samogitian Art Museum [Parko street 3A Plungė]
  • Opening hours: II-VI 10-19, VII 10-16
  • Website:


Vernissage on Saturday, May 13, 5 p.m.
Viktoras Paukštelis will perform at the opening.
Fb event: 


Mykolė Ganusauskaitė, artist name Mykolé (b. 1987) studied at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. From 2015 till 2017 she lived and worked in Copenhagen and in 2017 moved to Vilnius. She has organized over 20 solo exhibitions in Lithuania, France and Denmark, participated in dozens of group projects in Lithuania, France, Denmark, USA and elsewhere. She won the second place at the Young Painter’s Prize in 2013 and has been a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2016. Works owned by MO Museum, Vilnius.



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Members News | International Wine Days 2023 organized by Vyno Klubas


April 26, 2023

Don't miss the chance to visit the International Wine Fair "Wine Days 2023"!

Wine Days 2023, the largest wine exhibition in the Nordic countries, brings together a community of wine enthusiasts, professionals and producers – from Lithuania and abroad.

Every year since 2005, the aim of the exhibition has been to grow and promote wine culture in Lithuania.



Patron Members of ours – Vyno Klubas is the exhibition organizer.



All wine lovers and enthusiasts are invited to visit the exhibition on 5-6 May at Litexpo Exhibition and Conference Centre.

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Member News | World Drinks Tasting with Jolanta Smičienė in Radisson Collection Astorija Hotel


April 20, 2023

Radisson Collection Astorija Hotel is arranging a special event  called “World Drinks Tasting.The event will feature a Champagne and Sparkling wine tasting evening led by Jolanta Smičienė, a well-known expert in the field.


The event will take place on April 27th at the Astorija Brasserie restaurant.

Be sure to book your spot and not miss this opportunity!



Book at
+370 5 2360840 or +370 5 2120 110


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Back To | Export Club: EU funding opportunities for businesses and NGOs


April 6, 2023

The French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) hosted its 4th Export Club event on Thursday, April 6th, at the Institut français de Lituanie/French Institute in Vilnius. The topic for the event was “EU funding opportunities for businesses and NGOs”. We had the pleasure to have Laura Aldonė from Global World Consulting Agency sharing her expertise with us.


With 17 years of experience working with EU-funded projects, Laura Aldonė provided attendees with valuable insights and knowledge on current EU opportunities.


The event was attended by a diverse group of professionals, including business owners, entrepreneurs, and representatives from NGOs. Participants had the opportunity to network with one another, share experiences, and gain valuable knowledge on how to access EU funding for their businesses and organizations.


Thanks to our partner Institut français de Lituanie | Prancūzų institutas Lietuvoje, for hosting this seminar and big thanks to everyone who participated and we are  looking forward to see you at our next events!

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