Members News | Devoteam TechRadar Roundtable – Thriving in the Cloud Native Era

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March 23, 2023

As Devoteam releases the second edition of its TechRadar 🎯, the Cloud Native era is put at the forefront. 🔎

📆 Join Devoteam on April 18th for a roundtable discussion about how to bring business value through Cloud Native. 💡

Amidst the storm of challenges, companies must navigate a path to success.🌤 The cloud thus serves as the lighthouse, guiding the way to streamlined IT infrastructures and acts as a harbour for business innovation and adaptation. But once you’re in the cloud, what comes next?

The creation of more sober, resilient and disruptive models is within reach thanks to the power of the cloud. These are Cloud Native, and many of the 150 technologies presented in this TechRadar 2023 are part of this movement. 🛰


Gartner predicts that by 2025, 95% of all new digital initiatives will be built on cloud native platforms, making it imperative for companies to prepare for this new era where technology and business are more interconnected than ever. 🌐


Don’t let questions and confusion around Cloud Native hold you back. Get the chance to gain valuable insights and knowledge that you can take back to your business.


What you’ll learn:
📈 BOOST YOUR BUSINESS WITH INNOVATION – Go beyond cost-saving measures.
💢 UNLEASH THE POWER OF CLOUD NATIVE – Speed up innovation with Cloud Native development.
🏆 BUILD A ROBUST PLATFORM – Reduce complexity. Grow your ambitions with the best people, processes and technologies.
🔦 DISCOVER UPCOMING TECH TRENDS – A Preview of 150 Emerging Technologies Poised for Enterprise Adoption.

So mark your calendars! Grab your notepads and get ready for an interactive and informative session that will help you thrive in the digital jungle!

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Member News | Chateau Leoville Poyferre vynų degustacija (10 March 2023, PACAI restaurant)

Company news

March 6, 2023

A luxurious dinner with Chateau Leoville Poyferre wines

Welcome to the an exclusive dinner on the 10th of March with Chateau Leoville Poyferre wines in hotel PACAI. Special guest of the dinner – Olivier Cuvelier, CEO of the trading company H. Cuvelier & Co, President and co-owner of Chateau Leoville Poyferre Rouge, Saint Julien AOC.


Do not miss the chance to register:

Chateau Leoville Poyferre vynų degustacija (2023 m. kovo 10 d., restoranas PACAI)


Maloniai kviečiame į išskirtinę vakarienę su Chateau Leoville Poyferre vynais


Ypatingas vakarienės svečias – Olivier Cuvelier, prekybos įmonės H. Cuvelier & Co – Prezidentas ir Chateau Leoville Poyferre Rouge, Saint Julien AOC bendrasavininkas (pilis priklauso šeimai nuo 1920 m., o įsteigta net 1638 m.).


Chateau Leoville Poyferre (Saint Julien AOC) priklauso ir kitos pilys, esančios Kairiajame Bordo krante. Tai Chateau Moulin Riche Rouge, Saint Julien AOC bei Chateau Le Crock  Rouge, Saint Estephe AOC, Cru Bourgeois Exceptional ir Chateau La Croix Saint Estephe  Rouge 2018, Saint Estephe AOC. Chateau Leoville Poyferre gamina ir taip vadinamą antrą vyną Pavillon de Leoville Poyferre Rouge, Julien AOC.


  1. Olivier taip pat yra ir profesionalios organizacijos, suteikiančios vynams klasifikaciją „Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel“, Prezidentas.


Visuose vynuose dominuoja tokios vynuogės, kaip Cabernet Sauvignon (virš 60 – apie 70%), Merlot (apie 25%) ir kartais naudojamos kitos vynuogės (Cabernet Franc 6% ir Petit Verdot 2%). Gaminamo vyno vynuogių sudėtis kinta kiekvienas metais.


Chateau Leoville Poyferre vynai yra labai gerai žinomi ir vertinami, jų vynams yra suteikta „2nd growths clasiffications of 1855“. 2009 m. derliaus vynas įvertintas net 100/100 balų, o 2018 m. derliaus vynas buvo išrinktas 2022 metais 7-u tarp 100 geriausių Pasaulio vynų.


Taigi, kartu su vakariene, mėgausimės šiais raudonais vynais:


  • Magnum Chateau Leoville Poyferre Rouge 2008, Saint Julien AOC arba Jeroboam Chateau Leoville Poyferre Rouge 2013, Saint Julien AOC
  • Chateau La Croix Saint Estephe  Rouge 2018, Saint Estephe AOC, arba Magnum Pavillon de Leoville Poyferre Rouge 20o8, Julien AOC
  • Magnum Chateau Moulin Riche Rouge 2012, Saint Julien AOC
  • Magnum Chateau Le Crock  Rouge 2014, Saint Estephe AOC, Cru Bourgeois


Pasitikimo gėrimas: Magnum Leclerc Briant Premier Cru Exta Brut


Desertas su: Carmes De Rieussec 2017, Sauternes AOC.


Vakaro užbaigimas su taure konjako: Chateau de Beaulon XO Cognac.


Renginys vyks 2023 m. kovo 10 d. 18.30 val., restoranas PACAI (Didžioji g. 7, Vilnius)


REGISTRUOTIS būtina ne vėliau kaip iki kovo 1 d. el. paštu: bei sumokėti avansą iki kovo 6d. į registracijos metu gautą pranešimą


*Kaina 1 asmeniui – 150 Eur, bus išrašomos s-tos jeigu tos poreikis būtų.



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Member News | “Iki” renews and gets even closer: new slogan, advertising campaign and visual identity

Company news

March 2, 2023

Shopping chain "Iki" will greet this spring with a major facelift - its visual identity is changing, a campaign dedicated to freshness is being launched, and the chain is also introducing a new positioning and a new slogan, "Iki - closer to you"

“In today’s world, brands are much more than just their logos. The best brands are the ones that create value for customers and strongly represent their values and goals. And they are determined to fight. Not for market share, but for the change they want to make in the lives of consumers. “For 30 years, ever since it opened its first store, the Iki brand has been fighting for an easier everyday life for its customers. And we can only do that by being there for them and understanding their needs,” says A. Dudko, the supermarket chain’s marketing manager.

More info about the project:


The first IKI store opened its doors in 1992. Since then, we have been providing a new food and shopping experience – offering a modern food, shopping and service culture. Although a lot has changed and improved since we opened the first online store, the origins and identity of IKI have remained the same: we know what good food is, we understand what Lithuanians want and choose, we carefully and competently select, prepare the best, we provide the freshest food and quality customer service.

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Member News | Lithuanian Wine Festival

Company news

March 1, 2023

Lithuanian food products presented for the first time at Food Taipei

After a long and busy week and before a beautiful and patriotic celebration, Vyno Klubas invites you to stop at the Wine Club.
They will be visited by several Lithuanian winemakers who will tell about their wines – not only berries, but also grapes, sparkling, mead.

Come in with colleagues or relatives and get acquainted with winemaking in Lithuania in an informal setting.

More info and tickets – in the below

| Vyno Klubas

Our stores in Vilnius, Stumbrų st. 15, and in Klaipėda, Liepų st. 20 offer over a thousand wines, mainly European. We bring them directly from producers to consumers. We look for and promote charismatic and innovative winemakers, and are proud to present rare and globally desired wine varieties kindly shared by them.

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Member news | Champagne and Sparkling Wine Tasting in Radisson Blu Royal Astorija

Company news

February 26, 2023

Patron members – Radisson Blu Royal Astorija is organising an exclusive Champagne and Sparkling wine tasting evening with one of the most known  champagne experts – Jolanta Smičienė. 



The event will be held at the Astorija Brasserie restaurant on the 2nd of March. 

Don’t mis a chance to make a reservation!


📞 +370 5 2360840 arba +370 5 2120 110

| Radisson Blu Royal Astorija

The Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel showcases architecture that dates back to 1901 and lies in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. The hotel is located just 6 kilometers from Vilnius International Airport (VNO), 1 kilometer from the train station and an even shorter walk to the bus station. Visitors are within just a few steps of UNESCO World Heritage sites, shopping, and dining.

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Member News | Meet Sixt at the Book Fair

Company news

February 24, 2023

📚 Will you be attending the Vilnius Book Fair on 23-26 of February?

👉 Visit the SIXT stand (3.11A).

👉 Find out more about SIXT+ car subscription and the possibility to subscribe a car as a publication.

👉 Enter the competition and win a BMW 118i for the whole weekend!

More info on the Book Fair

| Sixt

SIXT is a leading international provider of high-quality mobility services. With around 6,400 employees worldwide in 2021 and products SIXT rent, SIXT share, SIXT ride and SIXT+, they offer a uniquely integrated mobility service across the fields of car rental, car sharing, ride hailing and car subscriptions.

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Member News | “Kaip komunikuoti kokybę” by Rūta Pulkauninkaitė-Macikė from hotel PACAI

Company news

February 10, 2023

Our bronze patron member Hotel PACAI was in the studio of Žiniu Radijas to speak on “How to show the highest quality not only through sights, tastes and touch, but also through sounds and communication? What kind of quality experiments are possible and what are the two key qualities needed to be a customer service professional?”

| Hotel PACAI

Built in 1677 as the most magnificent mansion in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, owned by a national legend and cultural ambassador of Lithuania Kazimieras Mykolas Pacas, the building’s legacy as a hotel begins in 2018 Spring. As the first Design Hotels member in Baltic States, hotel PACAI is located on the most stunning Vilnius Old Town street, lined by thousands of historical touches. Here, bold cosmopolitan, design-savvy travelers come together to experience the history, local culture, outstanding design and fine food that all celebrates a vibrant life.

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Member News | What is Sigfox an its 0G network?

Company news

February 9, 2023

| Sigfox Lietuva

Sigfox is the world’s leading service provider for Internet of Things. The company has built a global network to connect billions of devices to IoT with minimal power consumption. The network is available in 65 countries.

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Member News | Growth rate similar to that of recent years planned to be maintained for 2023 by the Integre Trans group of companies

Company news

February 9, 2023

In 2023, Integre Trans plan to maintain a similar growth rate as in recent years. In 2022, they increased the turnover to 61% and rapidly expanded their own fleet of trucks.


“Not only the base of new customers is expanding – the needs of the existing customers are also growing. By investing in a fleet of new trucks, we aim to maintain over the next three years the rapid growth pace of the group of companies, at which we were growing over the last few years. By renewing the fleet of trucks, we can not only effectively manage the costs, but also ensure high environmental standards. Sustainability is one of the company’ and one of the important conditions of competitiveness“, – says Zana Kel.

More info Integre Trans

| Integre Trans

UAB Integre Trans is a transport and logistics company with the branches in Lithuania, Germany, France and Poland. The company has a diversified portfolio of customers and works with representatives of various sectors, such as industry, manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, retail and wholesale, etc.

In 2022, Integre Trans was awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis, one of the world’s largest and most trusted business sustainability rating companies. Only 5% of audited companies are awarded this medal in the fields of environmental protection, workers’ and human rights, ethics and sustainability.

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Company news

February 8, 2023

How to increase e-commerce sales? What are the innovations and trends in e-commerce marketing in 2023? What are the key digital solutions that will have the biggest impact on online sales?

Our member Pigu by Marketing manager Giedrė Vilkė will be sharing her thoughts to the E-Commerce Marketing update 2023 organised by LiMA.

| Pigu

Pigu HobbyHall Group (PHH Group) was founded in 2021, when the biggest e-commerce group in Baltics – Pigu Group merged with Finnish e-commerce giant – Hobby Hall. Merger of two leading e-commerce players created the largest online 1P/3P platform in the region.

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