Our Missions and goals

Founded in 1999, the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization promoting bilateral economic cooperation between Lithuania and France, and building a business community in Lithuania.


For over 20 years, the CCFL has been a bridge between French and Lithuanian actors at all levels of the business world. Over time, the CCFL has taken root in Lithuania and has grown beyond its initial objective of supporting French companies in Lithuania.



Ultimately, the CCFL has become the face of French companies on the Lithuanian market and the representative of its member Lithuanians companies to France.

We are an independent a member-driven a transparent a self-financed non-profit organization.

The CCFL in a nutshell...

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At our core, we promote reciprocal trade between France & Lithuania.

Our Missions

Provide a platform for exchange and networking in Lithuania

Promote the interests of our members to key decision-makers

Develop their business network

Increase their visibility

Share expertise and stay informed

Develop economic and commercial relations between France and Lithuania

Our strength