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The VIE Program

For Company With A French Entity

What is VIE program?

A program to recruit young professionals aged between 18 and 28 for an overseas mission.

Benefit from a quick and easy HR solution available to any company wishing to expand internationally

The V.I.E. or Volontariat International en Entreprise is an international mobility HR program secured by the French State which allows a company under French law to entrust a professional mission abroad to a French talent or a national of the European Economic Area, aged between 18 and 28 at the beginning of the mission.


The process is simple to implement:

  • You define the mission that corresponds to your situation: market research, commercial prospecting, coordination of distribution networks, reinforcement of local teams, support for a contract or a site, engineering, quality control, technical support for a local agent, etc.
  • You define the duration of the assignment: from 6 to 24 months, renewable once within this period


The V.I.E formula allows you to :

  • Control your budget: exemption from social security contributions in France, possibility of financing your V.I.E.
  • Delegate the administrative management to Business France
  • Have a flexible HR formula: transfers from one country to another, 6 to 24 month contract, sharing of the cost and time of your V.I.E by several companies.


Expenses related to the use of a V.I.E. often benefit from national and regional aid: import-export credit, export development loan from Bpifrance, subsidised payment of a large part of the cost of the V.I.E. in many French regions, etc.

A program managed by Business France

The program in figures

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