Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster

About Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster

Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster (LSIC) was established in 2020 with the aim of creating a smart human-centered society, developing social innovations focused on extremely fast and radical changes in the world and empowering communities for transformation, co-creation and finding new and effective solutions for emerging social challenges.
LSIC unites different actors of Lithuanian social innovation ecosystem at all levels from state institutions and NGO’s to academia and business companies. LSIC strives for a systemic social impact and long-term value.
The LSIC is part of the national network Klaster LT and European Clusters Collaboration Network. In 2022 LSIC has been awarded the ECEI Bronze Label “Striving for Cluster Excellence” according to the EUCLES (European Clusters Excellence Labeling Structure) procedure and requirements.

Industry : Non-Profit Organization

Membership type : Partners

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