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OBI Consulting UAB

About OBI Consulting UAB

OBI Consulting is registered limited company in European Union presents in Western Europe (France) and Eastern Europe (Lithuania) specialized in competitive and strategic intelligence. Since 2006, OBI has done over 4000 intelligence missions in more than 125 countries worldwide. OBI is led by its two founders Dr. Stéphane Chevalier (CEO) and Dr. Laurent Potet (Intelligence R&D). It has a seasoned in-house analyst team of 12 people and enjoys a strong and wide network of over 250 consultants and investigators.
OBI often works as a reputation intelligence supplier of choice for Law firms, Public Institutions, Large and Medium Private companies and large international competitive intelligence firms. Because of this strong experience, our customers have developed with OBI strong ties of trust and pro-active cooperation. OBI provides its services to clients in Europe, America (north and South), Asia and Africa.
OBI offers a wide range of intelligence and investigation services, the most popular being Enhance due diligence, bio notes for Executive recruitment process and investigation on business litigation. Read more on our website.
At OBI, we utilize a blended approach to reputation intelligence gathering. While – as many CI companies – OBI works a lot using some of the latest technologies, we have recognized since inception that it is far not enough in reputation intelligence. As such, since 2006. OBI has always done its intelligence mission with people on the ground speaking the local language, having access to local network and implementing interviews transcribed in VERBATIM (over 20,000 verbatim since 2006). Discover our brochure.

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