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Vilnius Social Club

About Vilnius Social Club

Vilnius Social Club is a non-governmental organization that: 1. Provides educational and social support to children and young people; 2. Represents and protects people’s rights; 3. Mobilises society to help improve the quality of life of children and young people. We care about people who are invisible, with respect to their everyday lives and the challenges they face. We act because we believe that all people are worthy of respectful, sincere, and nurturing relationships. We defend people’s rights, push for social justice and strengthen people’s relationships by providing professional social and educational support to children and young people. „Vilnius social club“ organization runs 3 programs: | Football program -> We have run the Vilnius Social Club football programme since 2013. What makes us different from the usual sports and other clubs is that football is first and foremost a tool for making a positive difference in the lives of children and young people. | A street-based social work program -> Street Youth Work is a long-term program that aims to build strong relationships with young people who spend a lot of their free time on the streets, providing them with comprehensive social and educational support, and advocating for their rights. | Teen Club -> The Teen Club serves as a space to safely experience early adolescence, aid youths’ growth and receive comprehensive help with various issues.

Industry : Education & Training, Non-Profit Organization

Membership type : Partners

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