Key Contacts

Build your prospection on qualified contacts

we know that it can be difficult to obtain key contacts within a company.

What's a key contacts list?

Our experts build a database according to your search criteria: sector of activity, functions, etc.

To do this, we use our source files: members, federations, associations, local institutions.

Our project managers validate each contact so that you can quickly enter into business relations with your future partners/clients.

The level of detail of the study will be formalised in a precise specification with one of our experts.

The objectives

Delivery time

our commitments

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Our added value

Isn't a market analysis what you need?

We provide a wide range of business services...

Market Study

Analyse and decrypt the behaviour and expectations of the target market.

Market Analysis

Validate the potential of your products.

Learning expeditions

Discover a market.

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