Product-Market Test

Evaluate The interest in your product before you launch

Before investing in exploring a new market, we advise you to assess the interest in your products and/or services with a panel of potential customers or distributors.

What's a product-market test?

The test on offer is delivered in several stages:


  1. Stage 1: Preparation of a complete sales file, with the possibility of translating your documentation for certain markets.
  2. Stage 2: Calibrated targeting of future partners to be interviewed (identification and qualification of the most relevant contacts).
  3. Step 3: Direct approach of prospects by our project managers.
  4. Step 4: Presentation, promotion of your products/services and evaluation of interest.
  5. Step 5: Synthesis of feedback from each company contacted.
  6. Step 6: Assessment of our approach and presentation of our recommendations for the next steps.


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