The biggest visual art festival in the Baltics States, Art Expo Vilnius, was held this weekend!

This fair brings together 55 galleries from 12 different countries such as France, Russia, Italy and Denmark. Many internationally known artists gather around this annual event. Collections from some museums are exhibited, as well as exhibitions from some institutions.

Many pieces are seen: sculptures and paintings, NFT’s artwork, design. The LRT’s interactive studio also hosted art discussions, lectures and presentations, which were broadcast live on

This exhibition is highly anticipated in the art world. Moreover, those who were unable to attend the exhibition in person had the opportunity to participate in the 3D exhibition.

Our individual member Mykolé participated in this fair and sold a third of her creations! Mykole had her own studio in which she exhibited her paintings, and was able to chat with some of the visitors. Her stand was one of the most visited at this huge fair!

Congratulations to her!

Credit photo:  Grazina Lomovskaja

Also, our member Crème de la Crème, for the fouth time, participated in this contemporary art fair, which combines various forms of aromatic art, where they presented their new perfume “Fleur Narcotique”, in association with Ex-Nihilo & Stefan Visan. The reviews are unanimous: an explosive mix, an inspiring sensation. An overdose of substantive ingredients for an explosion of subtle but affirmed scents. The trail of a sensual Peony wrapped in woods. A falsely candid flower, airy, fatal.

Congratulations on this fabulous event!