Back to | Guided visit exhibition Litvak artists in Paris


September 29, 2023

On the 28th of September, the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) hosted a captivating guided tour of the exhibition titled “Litvak Artists in Paris.” at the Vytautas Kasiulis Museum of Art in Vilnius. Organized for members of the CCFL, the event provided a remarkable journey through various art movements.

The tour immersed participants in the world of renowned Litvak artists who found inspiration in Paris. The exhibition showcased a diverse range of artworks, but the highlights undoubtedly revolved around the mesmerizing pieces by Marc Chagall.

As participants strolled through the exhibition, they were able to trace the evolution of artistic styles and the influence of Paris on the works of these Litvak artists. The tour not only celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Lithuanian artists but also fostered cross-cultural appreciation and dialogue among the attendees.

Thanks to our members to have participated in this journey!

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Chamber News | French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce Strengthens Online Safety with Nord Security Tools


September 27, 2023

The French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) is proud to have fully integrated Nord Security cybersecurity’ solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the digital safety and cybersecurity posture of CCFL and its members.


As businesses increasingly rely on digital platforms for their operations, ensuring the security of online communications and data has become paramount. The CCFL recognizes the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information, maintain trust with stakeholders, and sustain smooth operations. Hence, the CCFL has worked with Nord Security as its trusted partner to fortify its online defenses.

Nord Security is renowned for its cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and services, including NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker. These solutions are designed to safeguard data, protect privacy, and defend against cyber threats. By utilizing Nord Security’s suite of tools, the CCFL aims to strengthen its online secure environment for its members and partners, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and transactions are protected.


Commenting on this collaboration, Guillaume Douville, director of the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, stated, “In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is among the top priorities for businesses. We are delighted to partner with Nord Security, a company known for its commitment to online safety. This partnership reflects our dedication to providing our members with the best tools available to protect their digital assets and maintain trust in our chamber.”


The collaboration between the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and Nord Security signifies a shared commitment to safeguarding digital operations and strengthening cybersecurity. It underscores the importance of proactive measures to protect sensitive information in today’s digital landscape.


About the French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL): The French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) is a non-profit organization that fosters economic and business relations between France and Lithuania. CCFL provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and advocacy to its members, supporting their growth and success in both markets.


About Nord Security: Nord Security is a leading global provider of online security solutions. Its suite of products, including NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker, is designed to protect users’ online privacy, secure their data, and defend against cyber threats. Nord Security is dedicated to providing accessible, user-friendly tools for individuals and businesses to stay safe online.

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Member News | Invitation to the exhibition “Autumn in the Park”


September 27, 2023

Vilnius Academy of Art Kaunas faculty gallery presents a solo exhibition of landscape paintings “Autumn in the Park” by the younger generation painter Mykolė Ganusauskaitė.


Autumn in the Park | painting 2023
Curator Raminta Jurėnaitė
2023 10 04 – 2023 11 15


Vilnius Academy of Art Kaunas faculty gallery
Muitinės street 2 Kaunas | I – V 8-18, VI 10-13 |


Vernissage on Wednesday, October 04, 7 p.m.
Fb event:


Painter Mykolė Ganusauskaitė, whose artist name is Mykolé, was born in Kaunas in 1987. As a child, living in the city centre, she happily attended her first afterschool art classes at Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery. After finishing primary school, she moved with her parents to Vilnius, where she continued her studies at the M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts. She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the National School of Fine Arts (Les Beaux Arts de Paris). When she was in the French capital, as well as when she later returned to Vilnius or travelled, the artist consistently devoted herself to a single task: a contemporary interpretation of the landscape genre.

Mykolé’s starting point is always the upfront impression of the landscape and the following meticulous studies of nature en plein air. For this purpose, she creates small sketches in watercolour and chalk pastels and takes photographs. From the material thus gathered, she later paints in oil or acrylic in her studio, where she concentrates and synthesises the visual and emotional impressions she has experienced and the analytical research she has conducted.
There are no people depicted in these landscapes, not even as small staffage figures, but their presence is always felt.
One of the main motifs that interest the landscapist is parks. Mykolé takes an interest in parks as landscapes that are shaped by human hands. Trees, shrubs, lawns, flowerbeds, paths, avenues, bodies of water, and panoramic views in parks are all elements of nature touched by human beings, staged. A park is not just a creation of nature but also of culture, always.
Prof. dr. Raminta Jurėnaitė


Vilniaus dailės akademijos Kauno fakulteto galerijoje pristatoma lietuvių jaunosios kartos tapytojos Mykolės Ganusauskaitės personalinė paroda „Parko ruduo“.
tapyba 2023
Kuratorė Raminta Jurėnaite

2023 10 04 – 2023 11 15

Parodos atidarymas spalio 4 d., trečiadienį, 19 val.
Fb eventas:
Vilniaus dailės akademijos Kauno fakulteto galerija
Muitinės g. 2, Kaunas | I – V 8-18, VI 10-13

Tapytoja Mykolė Ganusauskaitė, menininkės vardas Mykolé, 1987 gimė Kaune. Vaikystėje gyvendama miesto centre su džiaugsmu ji lankė savo pirmąjį dailės būrelį Mykolo Žilinsko galerijoje. Baigusi pradinę mokyklą su tėvais ji persikėlė į Vilnių kur toliau mokėsi M.K.Čiurlionio menų gimnazijoje. Bakalauro ir magistro laipsnius įgijo studijuodama Nacionalinėje dailės mokykloje (Les Beaux Arts de Paris). Jau Prancūzijos sostinėje, kaip ir vėliau grįžusi į Vilnių ar keliaudama, menininkė nuosekliai pasišventė vieninteliam uždaviniui – šiuolaikinei peizažo žanro interpretacijai.

Mykolės išeities taškas visada yra betarpiškas kraštovaizdžio įspūdis ir jį sekančios kruopščios natūros studijos plenere. Šiam tikslui tapytoja kuria mažus eskizus akvarele ir kreidinėmis pastelėmis, fotografuoja. Iš taip sukauptos medžiagos vėliau jau savo dirbtuvėje ji tapo aliejumi ar akrilu, kuriuose koncentruoja ir sintetina patirtus regimuosius emocionalius įspūdžius bei analitinius tyrimus.

Žmonės šiuose peizažuose nevaizduojami net kaip mažos stafažo figūrėlės, tačiau visada jaučiame jų buvimą.
Vienas pagrindinių peizažistę dominančių motyvų – parkai. Mykolę parkai domina kaip gamtovaizdžiai, kuriuos formavo žmogus. Medžiai, krūmai, vejos, gėlynai, takai, alėjos, vandens telkiniai ir panoraminiai vaizdiniai čia yra žmogaus paliesta, inscenizuota gamta. Parkas visada ne tik gamtos, bet ir kultūros kūrinys.

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Back to | Back to the season Welcome to the community


September 21, 2023

The French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFL) hosted a vibrant soirée at the Vilnius International French Lyceum on September 20th. “Back to the Season | Welcome to the community” brought together the French-Lithuanian business community in a celebration of unity and collaboration.


Attendees had the pleasure of exploring the rich cultural heritage of the French Lyceum, setting the stage for an evening of connection and friendly networking. The event featured a warm welcome to new CCFL members who presented themselves (thank you Coface and Devoteam team for your insightful presentations), underscoring the chamber’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and dynamic community.



Guests also received updates on CCFL’s ongoing initiatives and events, with an address by Anthony Poullain, president of CCFL, that reminded of the role of the Chambers in the French-Lithuanian business landscape with our upcoming trade mission in regions, our platform to network, our business services to companies and our commitement towards our members. The speech of the president of CCFL was followed by an adress of H.E. Alix Everard, the French Ambassador to the Republic of Lithuania highlighting the pivotal role played by CCFL in strengthening bilateral ties and actively participating in the Team Business France alongside with the French Lyceum, and the French institute. 



Networking over exquisite French delicacies and the anticipation of prizes in a lottery sponsored by Sixt added excitement to the evening, bringing together +50 members of the French-Lithuanian business community.



“Back to the Season” was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of cooperation and mutual support that defines CCFL. As CCFL continues its mission to promote economic collaboration, nurture business relationships, and create a thriving environment for the French-Lithuanian business community, it looks forward to welcoming attendees to future gatherings.



CCFL extends its warm thanks to the partners of the event:

  • The Vilnius International French Lyceum
  • Sixt Baltics

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Chamber News | Celebrating World Car-Free Day on September 22! 🌱🚴‍♀️


September 21, 2023

As we navigate a rapidly changing world, it’s imperative that we take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future. World Car-Free Day, observed on September 22, presents a golden opportunity to do just that. 🌎


🌿 What is World Car-Free Day? World Car-Free Day encourages us to leave our cars at home and explore alternative modes of transportation. By doing so, we reduce carbon emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and promote a healthier lifestyle. 🌱🚴‍♂️


🌟 Why should we participate?

1️⃣ Environmental Impact: By reducing our carbon footprint, we contribute to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

2️⃣ Reduced Traffic: Less congestion means less stress and shorter commute times.

3️⃣ Health Benefits: Walking, cycling, or using public transportation boosts physical activity and mental well-being.

4️⃣ Community Engagement: Connect with your community, meet new people, and discover your neighborhood like never before.


🚴‍♀️ How can you get involved?

1️⃣ Leave the car at home and opt for walking, cycling, or using public transportation.

2️⃣ Share your car-free journey on social media with the hashtag #WorldCarFreeDay to inspire others.


Let’s make September 22 a day to remember by collectively reducing our carbon footprint and taking a step closer to a sustainable future. 🌍💚

Join us in celebrating World Car-Free Day and let’s inspire change together! 🚴‍♂️👣


Are you ready to go car-free on September 22? Check vilnius public transport website for info! 👇

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Member News | After-school activity leaders needed for the French International Lyceum of Vilnius


September 18, 2023

🇱🇹 Kviečiame prie LIFV komandos prisijungti užklasinės veiklos animatorių!
Mėgstate dirbti su vaikais? Esate kantrus ir turite kūrybiškumo pojūtį, kuriuo galite pasidalyti su mumis? 🔥
Siūlome terminuotą darbo sutartį (valandinis įkainis – 8,80 Eur (įskaitant mokesčius)). Darbą galime derinti su studijomis 🎯 Darbo laikas: pirmadieniais-penktadieniais 15-18 val., trečiadieniais 11.30-18 val.
Pageidautina patirtis: animacijos, socialiniame ar švietimo sektoriuje.
Anglų ir (arba) lietuvių kalba – būtina, prancūzų k. – privalumas 🇫🇷
✉️ CV ir motyvacinį laišką siųsti adresu:
🇫🇷 Le Lycée International Français de Vilnius recrute des animateurs périscolaires !
Vous aimez travailler avec les enfants ? Vous êtes naturellement patient(e) et avez un sens de la créativité à partager avec nous ? 🔥 Rejoignez-nous !
Nous proposons un contrat à durée déterminée (taux horaire : 8,80 €, taxes comprises). La possibilité de combiner ce travail avec vos études. L’horaire de travail est flexible 🎯 : les lundis, mardis, jeudis et vendredis de 15h00 à 18h00, ainsi que le mercredi de 11h30 à 18h00.
Une expérience dans l’animation, le secteur social ou l’éducation serait un atout pour intégrer notre équipe.
Langues maîtrisées : lituanien et anglais. La maîtrise du français est un avantage 🇫🇷.
✉️ Veuillez envoyer votre CV ainsi qu’une lettre de motivation à l’adresse suivante :
🇬🇧 The French International Lyceum of Vilnius is hiring after-school activity leaders!
Do you enjoy working with children? Are you naturally patient and have a sense of creativity to share with us? 🔥 Join us!
We offer a fixed-term contract (hourly rate: €8.80, including taxes). The possibility to combine this job with your studies. The work schedule is flexible 🎯: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, as well as Wednesdays from 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
Experience in animation, the social sector, or education would be a plus to join our team.
Mastery of languages: Lithuanian and English. Proficiency in French is an advantage 🇫🇷.
✉️ Please send your CV and a cover letter to the following email address:

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Member News | A themed evening with Thai flavors at the renewed “Astorija Brasserie”


September 18, 2023

A themed evening with Thai flavors at the renewed “Astorija Brasserie”.


On September 30th, a unique experience awaits you: a dinner prepared by professional Thai chefs, authentic flavors,

and a colorful Thai dance performance!


Price: 69 EUR/person. (tasting dinner (without drinks) and show is included)).

Time: September 30th, from 7 PM.


Table reservations:


Advanced payment is required.

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Member Event | Sustainable Digital Transformation – call for actions now


September 11, 2023

Join Devoteam for an exclusive event! Explore how cloud technology and digital transformation drive sustainability in various industries and discover how you can be part of the solution. Gain insights, foster collaboration, and inspire action for a greener, more technologically advanced future.


Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of the sustainability and tech revolution. Reserve your spot now and help shape a more sustainable tomorrow!


Key Features:

🌱 Keynote Speakers Engage with industry leaders as they discuss how technology advances sustainability.

🌍 Sustainability & Tech Talks Dive into trends and best practices demonstrating how tech transforms sustainability.

🔥 Panel Discussion Explore challenges and opportunities at the intersection of tech and sustainability.

🚀 Networking Opportunities Connect with like-minded professionals dedicated to driving sustainable change.

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Partner News | “MESURER LA CHALEUR | MATUOTI ŠILUMĄ” exhibition


September 5, 2023

2023 09 09 – 2023 09 30

Prancūzų institutas Lietuvoje, parodų salė – Didžioji g. 1 Vilnius
I-IV 9 -18:30, V 9 – 18, VI 10-14

Įėjimas nemokamas

Parodos atidarymas rugsėjo 9d., 16val.
Maloniai kviečiame į Prancūzijos lietuvių menininkės, Viktorijos Antonovič, darbų parodą!
“Matuoti šilumą” žymi pirmąją V. Antonovič asmeninę parodą Lietuvoje. Joje pristatomos rinktinės forografijos ir piešiniai, sukurti 2010 – 2023 metais ir dar neeksponuoti.
Parodos pavadinimas sukelia daug asociacijų, ar tai būtų matuoti temperatūrą sergant, įvertinti gyvų kūnų ir objektų išskiriamą šilumą, nustatyti spalvinę temperatūrą kelvinais, ar stebėti klimato pokyčių poveikį. Visi šie veiksmai traukia V. Antonovič dėmesį, o jos žvilgsnis, susiduriant su efektyvių nurodymų, tiems pokyčiams spręsti, stoka, uoliai ieško išeities. Vienas sprendimų – stropiai stebėti, įnirtingai fiksuoti ir amplifikuoti pastebėtus vaizdus.
Viktorija Antonovič (g. 1988 m. Vilniuje) studijavo Paryžiaus Aukštojoje Nacionalinėje Dailės Mokykloje (École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris), lydima video menininkės bei studijos vadovės, Dominique Belloir. 2015 metais su pagyrimu apsigynė diplominį darbą-parodą. Mokslų metu išryškėjo jai artimos medijos: video, fotografija ir piešimas. Jos video darbai buvo rodomi skirtingose Europos šalyse: Prancūzijoje, Austrijoje, Jungtinėje Karalystėje, Kroatijoje bei Lietuvoje. Nuo 2012 metų gyvena ir kuria Paryžiuje.
Paroda veiks iki rugsėjo 30 dienos.
Parodą organizuoja Prancūzų Institutas Lietuvoje, 25-mečio proga.
09/09/2023 – 30/09/2023
Institut Français de Lituanie, salle d’expositions – Didžioji 1, Vilnius
I-IV 9h -18h30, V 9h – 18h, VI 10h-14h
Entrée libre

Le vernissage a lieu le 9 septembre, à partir de 16h.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous convier à l’exposition de Viktorija Antonovič, artiste lituanienne en France !

“Mesurer la chaleur” marque la première exposition personnelle de Viktorija Antonovič en Lituanie. Elle met en lumière une sélection de photographies et de dessins réalisés entre 2010 et 2023 et restés inédits jusqu’à présent.
Le titre de l’exposition évoque l’idée d’une multitude de mesures, que ce soit le relevé de température lors d’une fièvre, l’évaluation des émissions de chaleur émanant des corps vivants et des objets, l’étude de température de couleur en kelvins, ou le constat des répercussions des bouleversements climatiques. Toutes ces circonstances attirent l’attention de Viktorija Antonovič dont le regard, face à l’absence de directives efficaces pour remédier aux dérèglements liés au climat, cherche ardemment une échappatoire. Celle-ci se trouve dans une observation méticuleuse, une captation frénétique et une amplification des scènes observées.
Viktorija Antonovič (née en 1988 à Vilnius) a étudié à l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, accompagnée de la vidéaste et chef d’atelier Dominique Belloir. En 2015, elle a obtenu son diplôme avec mention. Pendant ses études, elle a développé une affinité pour la vidéo, la photographie et le dessin. Ses vidéos ont été projetées dans différents pays européens : en France, en Autriche, au Royaume-Uni, en Croatie et en Lituanie. Depuis 2012, elle vit et travaille à Paris.

L’exposition aura lieu jusqu’au 30 septembre.

L’exposition est organisée par l’Institut français de Lituanie à l’occasion de son 25e anniversaire.


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M2M offer | Enjoy a 30% off on a selection of products and service by Provanso Kvapai


August 30, 2023

Take a step into the world of Provence Scents, where massage and body scrub treatments are a way of life that combines tradition, religion and respect for nature.


*prices indicated with discount


Ultrasonic diffuser, Florame

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